In order to heal, you must understand the language of your body. 

Healing happens when you know yourself deeply, on all levels, physically understanding the language of your body, mentally discerning between your truth and the patterns and habits you've picked up from DNA and life experiences and spiritually accepting your point of connection to yourself, others and the life force.

5 Earth Elements Yoga Retreat - March 13th -19th, 2016 on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Michelle will connect you with creation, earth, fire, sky, water, and air during this week long adventure at the AlohaHola Yoga Studio and Guesthouse.
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Re-establish the Bridge to your Heart - A DFW yoga therapy event, April 2016. Michelle will guide you to create opening and strength in the sacred space of the solar plexus, the bridge between the lower human energies and love.
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